Countdown to Dragon Gold Cup

by Lotte Lund

The buzz in and around the seaside resort on the Danish riviera, Hornbæk, is a sure sign that the towns people and the organisers are ready for hosting this year’s Dragon Gold Cup.

A total of 80 crews have registered for the event and will compete for one of the world’s most prestigous trophies.

“We are pleased to host the Gold Cup in Hornbæk and to welcome all 240 sailors, including the Crown Prince. He will also this time be sailing his boat “Nanoq”, ” says Julian Isherwood, Commodore of Hornbæk Boat Club and Race Director for this year’s Dragon Gold Cup.

Started in 1937

Dragon Gold Cup is one of the oldest of the recurring regattas. It started back in 1937, when the trophy was donated to the Dragon Class by Scottish Clyde Yacht Clubs Association. The Scotsmen still work with The International Dragon Asociation in organizing the annual Cup

“Most sailors who come to the Gold Cup regatta are often also sailing in other classes, and they are some of the world’s best sailors – both at professional and amateur level. Thus, it is always exciting to watch the races because several types of sailors participate together,” says Isherwood.

Participants from 15 nations will compete in this year’s Cup. They will come from as far away as Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates and Russia. Also, many European countries are represented including a strong fleet of Danish boats.

Mayor opens the tournament

The tournament will be opened this Saturday by Elsinore’s mayor Benedikte Kiær. If the wind behaves, the races can take place relatively close to land. It will give the audience a great view to follow the races.

“The event is a collaboration between Hornbæk Boat Club, Royal Danish Yacht Club and Hellerup Sailing Club, where the last two clubs are responsible for the competition on the water. And with lifestyle universe Ilse Jacobsen Hornbæk as the main sponsor and the partners Sport Event Denmark, Elsinore Municipality and Autohuset Hørsholm as well as numerous other benevolent sponsors, we look forward to many exciting races, “adds Julian Isherwood.

The first race takes place Sunday at noon, and the boats are expected to return about 3 pm.

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