Ilse Jacobsen’s night at Hornbæk Beach – celebrating 20 years in business

by Lotte Lund

Front page of the official invitation to Ilse Jacobsen's 20th jubilee celebration on Hornbæk Beach.

Front page of the official invitation to Ilse Jacobsen’s 20th jubilee celebration on Hornbæk Beach.

Oh, what a night.. Ilse Jacobsen’s 20th anniversary celebration was one of the events that dreams are made of. And of course it took place where she feels most at home – in Hornbæk.

First a big fashion show took place at Hornbaek Beach, where equal parts sun and clouds created a beautiful and dramatic backdrop for the display of the collection, which we are going to wear for spring and summer 2014. The theme was Fashion Fusion.

Then followed a wonderful celebration for several hundred invited guests from all over the world and from Hornbæk. The party was held in a large tent one the beach. Everything was beautifully adorned by flower artist Lars Jon and his cute assistant Mia Moth. The evening’s toastmaster was the Inspector Clouseau of Danish fashion, Mads Christensen.

A touching moment occurred when Ilse Jacobsen’s mother stood up. Filled with pride, but also with concern over whether Ilse works too much. As a mother she does, however, find comfort when she watches Ilse relax while cooking, her favourite way to find peace at mind . And  talking about food, the fthree course dinner at the party was of course also top-notch.

It was delivered by Claus Meyer, the brain behind New Nordic Kitchen and Noma. The food was characterized by Nordic ingredients such as salmon, leek, calf, tartar and fresh Danish potatoes. For dessert the guests were welcomed to a buffet with strawberry cakes, Summerbird snowballs and a large cake from Couture Cake.

For the rest of night the guest danced and celebrated to the music under the direction of Hornbæk’s own Olympic hope, percussionist Flemming ‘Flemze’ Nielsson. And the big, open bar, should also be mentioned.  No wonder that all the beautiful guests were in an unusually good mood. Dress code for night was Beach Gala.

After dark, Ilse’s employees sent up lanterns, drifting into the summer night filled with good wishes for the future.

It was a lovely and inspiring evening which confirmed that Hornbæk needs a real beach bar! Everyone deserves to celebrate life on a midsummer’s night at Hornbaek Beach while the sun slowly descends.